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0.1 Spamming & Flooding
Spamming floods up the entire forum, it is not a race to get posts. If you post you should say something that is some-what insightful.
Posts such as 'LOL' or 'xD' are considered spam, Because they are not even counted as a REAL post.
This also means that you do not comment on every single topic in the Forum, unless you truly have something to say for each one of them.

0.2 Double Posting
This branches from rule one, it does count as spam.
If you need to fix or add something, there is an 'Edit' button. It's there to edit with not to watch it.
Bear in mind that Administrator edits should not be undone or re-posted, they were removed for a reason.

0.3 Trolling
Trolling is the way people express themselves in a very idiotic way because they have something wrong with them that they cannot process normal behavior.

0.4 Pornographic Material
We don't care what your reasoning is, if we see one instance of nudity or sexual acts it will be removed. NO EXECEPTIONS.

0.5 Relentless Insults
The server has a no racism policy, you may not insult somebody's Religion, Race, or Country.
Heavy insults are also known as flaming. Also do not use an excessive amount of profanity.

0.6 Going off-topic
Going off topic is plain common sense to know not to do it. It is not cool, if you need to change subject, start a new topic or speak to the person over forum PM or an
Instant Messenger. Going off topic usually causes a topic to either be "Edited to remove it" or "Locked due to irrelevance".

0.7 Server Advertising
Sharing other server's IP is counted as server advertisement, even if you meant to troll or such with it. Posting other server's IP or speaking about another server is totally prohibited.

0.8 Strict Sections
You may not post or reply in any ban appeal / complains unless you are part of the situation.

Always come back to check this topic for updates!
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